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Empower certified creators to set new trends with your brand to reach their targeted audiences and to boost your sales. Crystal clear.

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Our Campaigns in 3 Steps

  • Discover various briefs from influencers, with real objectives and a potential trend creation around your brand!
  • Enrich your current existing campaigns and briefs thanks to our experts/creators.

2. Campaign co-creation

  • We define the best marketing strategy based on your needs and resources.

1. Strategy definition

  • We ensure a complete follow-up of your campaign and we guarantee its success.

3. Excellent results delivered

How does Mixfluence upturn influencer marketing?

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Modern & Effective Formats

Influencers' contents are as precise as programmatic ads and gain even more reach than any TV or classic ads.

Quality is our passion. We develop unique and successful partnerships with long-term strategies between awesome creators and respected brands.

Our Group

for Brands

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for Gamers

Mainstream or specialists, we activate some influencers in correspondence with your needs:

Glamour & Beauty, Lifestyle, Sports, Innovation & Tech, Art & Creativity, Gastronomy, Fashion & Luxury, Events, Comedy, Celebrities, Entertainment, Startup & Business

Audience, Creativity & Security

Our customers love these 3 Mixfluence's strenghts. We produce the best results working with great influencers who are safe for your brand.

Hey! We've just launched

Our new branded platform to sell your video games to large communities, guided by our passionate video makers & streamers.

Mixfluence has achieved several successes on all social networks: Here are a few great samples.


Video placement


Sponsored tweet

Neoxi x Gun Gladiators


Mastu x QwikMatch

3k reactions


Video placement


Our Beautiful Stories

Amixem x QwikMatch


Video placement with a top channel


Sponsored stories


150k reactions


Dedicated video with a small channel

Wisethug x Outlast 2



Sponsored contest

250k reactions


Sponsored contest

30k reactions

Neoxi x QwikMatch


Video placement


Sponsored stories


90k reactions

Miss Serbia x Bobochic

Cynthia Ferreira, Founder at Haloha
Manage influencers' presence in pro events

"Mixfluence helped us to team up with several Instagramers who've brought freshness to our customers' events."

Austin Redfern, Marketing Manager at SameTable
Managed several app launches in Europe

"With a result exceeding 20x our objective, Mixfluence attracted thousands of new users from YouTubers' contents to our apps!"

Testimonials from our partners

Over 17M views & 2.5M reactions in 2018!

Perfect fit between creators' contents and awesome brands brought our partnerships with YouTube channels to the next level.

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