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Your Influencer Campaign in 3 Steps

  • Join exclusive projects from professional creators
  • Book the best opportunity before your competitors
  • Plan your operations from our intuitive platform
  • Our powerful AI helps you to make better choices

2. Build Collaborations With Certified Influencers

  • Activate some influencers with 14 different content formats
  • Access over 280k profiles & avoid any duplicated followers
  • Follow our recommandations based on your brand profile
  • Find similar influencers to any existing successes

1. Discover An Universe Of Opportunities

3. Generate All Results YOU Want

How does our platform upturn influencer marketing?

  • Follow live performance of each activation
  • Master staggered payments to influencers
  • Maximize the ROI of your campaigns
  • Forge your brand with the least effort

✓ Exclusive Opportunities

Self-Service Campaign

Join our top-notch platform to get new partners for your needs and manage all your activations via our dashboard.

Fully-Managed Campaign

Our digital experts will activate the right influencers to run high impact marketing campaigns for you.


✓ Guaranted ROI

✓ Safest Campaigns

✓ Top Creators

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Last Year, We Blasted Our Market

147 campaigns, 91M impressions

492 brands (paying users)

3 new networks added

80% of top 500 influencers

465 influencers (paying users)

11 countries, 4 continents

Best platform for creators


Gymshark saved over $27,500 managing 14 activations in a row via our platform, building a 30-days campaign in LA.

•  Audience: LA-based women, 18-25 y.o.

•  Influencers: Fitness or yoga addicts

•  Average engagement rate of 8%

•  Product placement with brand mention

The beautiful Anya was one of our ambassadors.

An Instagram Campaign Example

Our Network Of More Than 280k Certified Influencers

All social profiles are considered as influencers with at least 1,000 impressions in front of real & active followers.

We evaluate each data provided directly by influencers and we enrich it with public data.

Last, each profile has approved our collaboration charter and you always pay fair prices with our transparent commissions.

1,000+ active fans

10% fake fans or less

3+ past paid campaigns


Before adding creators to our platform, we verify their public profiles and check their followers with our technology.

Our dedicated AI compute several affinity rate between content formats foreach purposed collaboration by these new influencers and brands on our platform.

You are in Good Company

Included Services In Our Subscription Plans

No Mixfluence mention in your campaigns

Get a precise ROI under 3 weeks only

Each seat receives a full-access to our tools

Our shared data respect all regulator

Bet on high potential profiles, up to buzz

Impossible to screw up yourself or your brand

Get complete audience demographics

Enjoy influencers creative contents

Platform uptime over 99% of availability

Keep every data away from your competitors

We collect tax forms and convert currencies

Access our knowledge base to over-deliver

And so many new features are coming!

Our teams provide you highest quality of service

Our Subscription Plans

billed annually, or else $99.90

Professional Plan

Agency Plan

Autopilot Plan

billed annually, or else $999.90

7 countries max per month

Scale up your marketing impact

Automated monthly ROI reports

1 seat to access our dashboard

Direct chats with       creators

5 protected profiles* on networks

3 seats for your team

Up to 10 ROI reports to export

5% of commission foreach

Professional Plan, plus:

Build your influencer strategy

Keep your flagship position

Illimited countries to reach

Illimited & segmented reports

Illimited profiles protected*

Illimited seats included

Autopilot Plan, plus:

4% of commission foreach

3% of commission foreach

Our most popular plan in USA

3 countries max per month

2 protected profiles* on networks

48-hours email support

24-hours email & chat support

24-7 Support phone & chat

Automated content verification

Automated simple collaborations

Automated targeting by filters

Exploration by similar audience

Match rate from real data

Push your briefs to top creators

1 Dedicated success manager

VIP access to opportunities

Discover our secret strategies

secured activation of influencers

secured activation of influencers

secured activation of influencers

Sharing your campaign briefs is FREE

Our free access will not allow you to access all our partners opportunities, nor private data from their communities. This system is frustrating but avoids data leaks, repeated and predictable on our competitors' platforms. 👻 Then, our partners can keep their project private to master the publication of their contents and avoid the plagiarism of their ideas.

Powered by industry-leading payments solutions:

*Protection based on our automated analysis & detection tools to prevent any brand abuse or impersonation.


Automated verification of the consistency of profiles proposed by agencies, based on our certified data

✓ Affinity rate between their followers and your brand

✓ Duplicate rate to stop losing money

Our Additional Services

To better prepare your partnerships

✓ Quick results by email (12 profiles ~ 72 hours)


Placed between the influencers and you, we guarantee you the respect of your conditions to any activations

✓ Respect of your conditions by influencers

✓ Secure single payment by bank transfer

✓ Ideal for collaborations abroad

0% of commission


A detailed report to get the history of past brand collaborations purchased by your competitors

✓ Budget & ROI estimations included in the reports

✓ Compare any brand to yours, ideal for your positioning

✓ Quick results by email (3 brands ~ 72 hours)

Instagram stories included

Include an audit of your brand


Before communicating about your products, go through our experts to boost your e-commerce shop

✓ UX tests and private streams with our influencers

✓ Learning Facebook Pixel to optimize your Ads

✓ Sales prediction by our AI + machine learning


Before you make your game or app public, go through our testing lab to prepare for its release

✓ UX tests and private streams with our influencers

✓ Creating a fan base to prepare for the launch

✓ Stores or MetaCritic reviews predicted by our experts


Before raising funds or advertising, go through our coaches to optimize your startup conversion rates

✓ UX tests and private streams with our coaches

✓ Intense and regular coaching to optimize your KPI

✓ Automated sales pipeline to save time

Engagement Rate

Check out a community's real engagement to all influencers foreach well-known social network

✓ Instant results with detailed explanations

✓ Cost estimations from our data

First session offered








Cynthia Ferreira, Founder at Haloha
Manage influencers' presence in pro events

"We succeed to team up with awesome profiles who've brought impact and freshness to our B2B events. Thank you!"

Austin Redfern, Marketing Manager at QwikMatch
Managed several app launches in Europe

"With a result exceeding 20x our objective, Mixfluence's platform automatically attracted thousands of new users to our apps!"

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