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Gymshark generated 14 activations in a row with our team, building a 30-days campaign in LA which leads to new sales.

•  Audience: LA-based women, 18-25 y.o.

•  Influencers: Fitness or yoga addicts

•  Average engagement rate of 8%

•  Product placement with brand mention

The beautiful Anya was one of our ambassadors.

Success Story: Our Instagram Campaign for Gymshark

Our Network: 3,700 Certified Influencers, Weekly Checked

All social profiles are considered as influencers with at least 10,000 followers from real & active accounts.

We evaluate each data provided directly by influencers and we enrich it with public data.

Last, each profile has approved our collaboration charter and you always pay fair prices with our transparency policy.

1,000+ active fans

10% fake fans or less

3+ past paid campaigns


Before adding creators to our platform, we verify their public profiles and check their followers with our technology.

Our dedicated AI compute several affinity rate between content formats foreach purposed collaboration by these new influencers and brands on our platform.

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At Mixfluence, we have the right expert for the right market: Glamour & Beauty, Lifestyle, Sports, Innovation & Tech, Art & Creativity, Gastronomy, Fashion & Luxury, Events, Comedy, Celebrities, Entertainment, Startup & Business

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Our adventures started in Paris, the city of lovers and birthplace of mythic brands at the heart of Faubourg Saint Honoré, built two centuries ago. This street is the place to be for key actors of the international luxury industry. Before march 2020, our teams worked from Station F, the most famous startup campus in Europe. Now, we are working 100% remotely and our partners are really happy about that improvement. Today, we travel to follow your projects.



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Cynthia Ferreira, Founder at Haloha
Manage influencers' presence in pro events

"We succeeded to team up with awesome profiles who've brought visibility and attractiveness to our B2B events. Thank you!"

Austin Redfern, Social Media Specialist at G2 Esports
Managed several app launches in Europe

"With a result exceeding 20x our objective, Mixfluence's YouTubers brought thousands of real new users to our apps."

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